Professionals & Wholesalers

The following is an actual excerpt from a letter received from a renowned facility’s Chief Radiation Oncologist:

"Aware of the absence of any clinical trials and concerned about the cost and hassle for my patients in obtaining the cream, I stopped recommending JEANS CREAM to my patients while continuing to treat breast cancer patients as I always had. What I found was that over the following six months I had case after case of the worst breast burning that I had seen in years. I had to use treatment interruptions, which I had not been accustomed to doing, and even had one hospitalization (a BID chest wall case). This was a problem for my referring physicians as well. As a result, I started using JEANS CREAM again. For the last nine years, I have again had little need for interruption and no skin burning induced hospitalization. I have stocked JEANS CREAM in all of our clinic pharmacies."

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